The Art Of Interior Finishings

One of the most important parts of this process is the finishings; to design rooms of character is to adorn them with finishings that speak for themselves and tie together the décor in its entirety.

Like art, cushions are essential for creating elegant, design-led spaces. Beautiful cushions complete a room and simultaneously add points of interest. 

Zanders & Co. was formed to offer the market a designer range of ethically and sustainably-made cushions designed and crafted by New Zealanders, in New Zealand. Zanders & Co. pieces are made with the highest quality fabrics and inners, and completed with exacting detail and precision stitching.

Curated into unique collections, our cushions are grouped together to create a plethora of visual inspiration. Each collection represents a different group of colours, textures and styles that come together to create vibrant palettes from which to begin your design journey.

The Art Of Interior Finishings
Our Founder

After working in the interiors industry for more than 20 years, Scott Cooper realised there was a gap in New Zealand’s interior finishings market. “The majority of designer cushions were being imported from overseas, which meant their quality and the sustainability of the manufacturing and supply chains was questionable,” Scott says.

“It is this niche that Zanders & Co. operates in. Our high-end cushions are designed to last. They represent a careful cohesion of design, quality materials and exceptional local craftsmanship. It is this that sets us apart. We’re proud to call New Zealand home and believe the highest quality designer products can and should be designed and made locally.”

Scott’s love of textiles and sustainable design is evident in every aspect of the business from the luxurious New Zealand duck feather inners through to the meticulously curated collections and fabrics.

Our Founder
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View our collections
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